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Hi everyone! Unfortunately we've had to temporarily close the community membership while we take care of some internal business. We hope to have it open again as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!

Welcome to the Yamane Ayano community, a wide-ranging group of adult fans aged 18 to 60-something from all around the world and dedicated to celebrating the manga and artwork of Yamane Ayano. We welcome posts containing art, fiction, news and discussion about her series and her beautiful men, and we welcome anyone 18 or over as an active or lurking member. (Though once you get inside you'll probably want to join in the fun. ^__^) Every member is welcome to post, but we ask that you please read the rules below before posting.


You must be 18 or older to join this community. Any member who is found to be under 18 will immediately be removed from membership.


- All posts must be set to friends-only access.

- Please use an LJ cut for A) anything NSFW (not safe for work), B) all pictures except teasers, C) text of any great length (say, more than 100 words), D) spoilers.

- All posts using Sensei's art or characters must contain a disclaimer stating so.

- Fic posts must include headers with the following information:

Title: Something other than Untitled is recommended so that people will remember what you write :)

Pairing or main characters

Rating: We use movie or age ratings, G, PG, R, NC-17, and rate per the chapter you're releasing

Spoilers: Any part of the manga that your fic gives away, for instance if you mention something that happens in NT18, say NT18 (you only need say the most recent chapter)

Warnings: if there's anything that people might want to avoid reading about like rape, torture, character death, mpreg, OCs (original characters), it's better to warn them so they can avoid your fic. :)

Links to previous chapters: If you're writing a multi-chapter story, please include links to all previous chapters in the header. Readers are frustrated and skip fics when they can't easily catch up.

Disclaimer: This is required for every published chapter.

Please read the rules.

Please check the
posting guidelines(posting guidelines) before posting any art, scans, or fics to the community to see if they're permitted, and if there are any specific formatting rules. Please note that we do not permit linking to locked posts outside the community except by strict rules contained in the guidelines.

Please note that we do not allow scanlations or scans of licensed series in the language in which they're licensed, nor do we allow full scans of Japanese books that may be easily purchased (ie non-limited edition, in-print books).

In addition, please do not post: A) personal sales; B) anything unrelated to Yamane Ayano or her works; C) shota.

Please do not share the contents of locked posts, or our file archive ID and password outside this community.

Please post in English. We have members from all around the world and need to stick to a common language.

Please do not put trackers in posts on this community. You may track whatever you wish on your own LJ of course, but people coming here should not have to worry about their reading habits being recorded while visiting.

Please warn about spoilers or volatile subjects like torture, rape, abuse, etc.

And PLEASE think about whether or not what you're posting would be offensive to someone. It's possible to disagree and not be rude. :)

This community has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism (using others' works or ideas and passing them off as your own). One incident results in a life-time ban.

Posts which do not comply with these rules will be deleted. Repeated deletions will result in the user being banned. Sorry, but we're trying to make as many people, including Sensei, as happy as possible.

If you have any questions about whether or not your post would be appropriate or how to format correctly, please contact club [dot] vogue [at] gmail [dot] com. We'll be happy to help. ^__^

(Disclaimer: The fanworks within this community are produced by fans for fans, and never for any profit. We create these works solely out of love for Yamane Ayano and her artistry. We also wish to note that while many of the works are sexually explicit, all characters having sexual relationships within them and the manga are adults aged 18 and older.)

The Yamane_Ayano LJ Community was founded by [info]deep_river

Asami, Art by Yamane Ayano, Color by [info]linen_straps

Community Banners by [info]ego_elite

Community Mood Theme by [info]sweetanddeadly

Some Useful Links and Information

YA Community Links
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Main Page
Posting Guidelines
Fan Fiction Index**Updated July 2008
Release Guide
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Crimson Spell Chapter Summaries
VF Writers LJ Community

Important YA Dates
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Out now!:
CS 1-2 manga (Eng)
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CS 33 in Chara Sel (Jp)
CS Drama CD 1-2 (Jp)
IIR manga (Eng) (Jp)
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IIR Drama CD1-3
VF 1-5 (German)
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VF Character Book (Jp)

Coming Soon!:

3/22: CS33 in Chara Selection
2/28: VF Animix DVD (not anime)
4/28: Ch5 of VF Pray in the Abyss
12/1: VF6 in English!

*CS=Crimson Spell
*NT=Naked Truth arc
*IIR=Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

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All About Yamane Ayano
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The Crimson Spell at Media Blaster's Ebay store
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Chara (CS, Japanese)
Drap (IIR, Japanese)
jpqueen manga
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Yamane Ayano Fanlisting
Club Vogue

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Community Post on LJ-cuts
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Prize-winning fan art for the 2009 Feilong Birthday Contest
by [info]yumeko765

Prize-winning fan art for the IIR/Foreign Love Affair Contest
by [info]mercebymar

Prize-winning fan art for the first Crimson Spell Contest
by [info]ippei

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